We're Here For You

Golden 1 Credit Union is committed to the well-being of our members, employees, and community. For over 85 years, Golden 1 has been and continues to be a strong and stable credit union. As one of the nation’s largest credit unions and an essential service, our number one priority is helping you, your loved ones, and our community get through these uncertain times.

Loan Payment Assistance Programs

At this time, we are offering various loan payment assistance programs* for those experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19 including deferrals, reduced payments, modifications, forbearances and repayment plans.

For first mortgage or home equity loans, we are offering forbearance plans** for 3 months with the ability to extend up to 12 months if needed. Not all members or products may qualify for these loan assistance options. There are no fees for this service or negative reporting on your credit report.

For first mortgage forbearance plans, please call 1-888-908-8933. For home equity forbearance plans for HELOCs and second equity liens, please send an email to lossmitigation@golden1.com indicating you would like a call back to discuss a forbearance option.

For payment assistance on all non-real estate products (auto, lines of credit, personal lines of credit, and credit cards) please call 1-877-723-3010. Agents are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. PST and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. PST.

Please note: Due to the demand for these programs there may be processing delays. 

Branch Services

The majority of Golden 1 branches are open and operating with standard business hours. Please visit our ATM/Branch Finder for more details.

If you are visiting one of our branches, rest assured that we are taking steps as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control to ensure our employees and members are staying healthy. All employees are required to wear face coverings, we have installed sneeze guards and social distancing markers as well as adhere to stringent regular cleaning of surfaces.  


Protect Yourself from Fraud

We urge you to stay vigilant as fraudsters are out in force with scams centered on COVID-19. These scams include text messages, phone calls and phishing emails that claim to be from such agencies as the CDC and WHO. Take care before clicking on links from unknown sources and for more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

For the latest information please follow us on social media.

*These payment assistance programs increase the finance charges paid over the remaining life of the loan, may increase the number of payments required to pay off the loan, or result in a balloon payment, which may be paid in installments. Your payments will be applied to the deferred interest prior to any application to principal. Members will not be required to make a lump sum payment to bring their loan current. 

**Subject to completion of a forbearance agreement. At the conclusion of the forbearance period, members are provided at least two repayment options, which include a repayment plan or a modification. With the modification, the loan term will be extended so that the monthly principal and interest payment does not increase. Members will not be required to make a lump sum payment to bring their mortgage current. 

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