Golden 1 Credit Union is committed to the well-being of our members, employees, and community. For over 85 years, Golden 1 has been and continues to be a strong and stable credit union. We take our role seriously as your financial institution and in helping you, your loved ones, and our community get through these uncertain times.

Member Services and Emergency Relief
Our number one priority is to serve and care for our members, today and every day. Rest assured, we're here for you.

Here's what we are doing to assist our members:

  • Automated transfers and payments as well as direct deposits will continue to post to your accounts as normal.
  • You can rely on Golden 1. Your money is protected and available to you. Golden 1 is a federally-insured credit union.
  • We are waiving many fees to help you access your money and give you peace-of-mind. Through June 15, 2020 there will be no late fees for monthly payments on auto, mortgages, home equity loans and lines of credit, credit cards, and other loans, as well as no early withdrawal fees on your Term Certificates. In addition, early withdrawals from a Santa Saver or FlexSavings will not result in closure of that account. Members may also make more than six payments or withdrawals per month from their savings and money market accounts.
  • We are offering loan payment assistance for those experiencing a financial hardship due to COVID-19 in the form of payment deferrals* of 3 months on your auto, credit card, personal loans, and personal lines of credit. We are offering forbearance plans** for 3 months on your mortgage or home equity loans with the ability to extend up to 12 months if needed. All members may not qualify for these loan assistance options. There are no fees for this service or negative reporting on your credit report. Given the demand for these assistance options, please expect processing times of up to 5 days. 

    For payment assistance on your auto, credit card, personal loans, and lines of credit, log in to your account and click on the "Apply Now for Loan Deferment" banner. If you do not have Golden 1 Online Banking, then complete the Loss Mitigation Disaster Relief Deferment Request.

    For mortgage forbearance plans, please call 1-888-908-8933. Given the demand for these assistance options, please expect processing times of up to two weeks.

    For home equity forbearance plans, please complete the Loss Mitigation Disaster Relief Deferment Request.

“Bank at Home” Services
Stay connected with Golden 1 and your money easily and conveniently from home with these free services.

  • Golden1.comOur newly designed website is easily accessible online and from your smart phone and has a wealth of information at your fingertips, including a handy search feature to find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Email your questions, or for account specific inquiries, securely through your online account. We will respond within 24 hours.
  • Use our automated phone system to easily make loan payments at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361).
  • Call to speak to a representative with questions. Please note: Wait times are longer than normal. We encourage you to use our online and mobile banking for your transactions or visit our website for information or questions.

Government Stimulus Payments
Due to the CARES Act, many Golden 1 members may receive financial relief from the government in the form of a stimulus payment (also known as Economic Impact Payments or EIP) via direct deposit from the IRS or a physical check.  We know immediate access to these funds is important, so please consider the following: 

  • If you have direct deposit, your funds will be made available as soon as possible after we receive the payment. In many cases, we make direct deposit funds available a day before scheduled. Although it is not guaranteed and is dependent on the timing of funding, you may receive your direct deposit sooner than expected. 
  • If you’re not sure which account you have set-up for direct deposit, please check your most recent tax return or talk to your tax preparer.
  • If you want to change how you receive your Economic Impact Payment, please contact the IRS. Golden 1 cannot change how your payment is sent to you.
  • If you receive a physical check, please use Mobile Deposit (for checks up to $10,000) or visit a branch or ATM for checks more than $10,000. Mobile Deposit reminder: Be sure the check is not rescanned or deposited elsewhere unless we specifically direct you otherwise.

ATM Services
Our ATMs are available for cash withdrawals, account inquiries, account transfers, as well as to deposit checks and cash, make loan payments (for auto and personal loans and lines), and more.

Branch Services
We strongly recommend you limit in-person branch visits at this time.  Take advantage of our easily accessible and secure free “Bank at Home” services.

If you must visit a branch or ATM rest assured that we are adhering to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to enforce social distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures among other measures to limit the risk of exposure. Our hours have been temporarily modified to 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday with a few locations closed or with extended hours. Please check our website or use our mobile app before visiting a branch location or Home Loan Center for the latest information. 

In addition, our Member Services Call Center is available if necessary.  Our commitment to providing members with caring and exceptional service has not wavered and we appreciate your patience as we realize wait times are longer than normal.

Protect Yourself from Fraud
We urge you to stay vigilant as fraudsters are out in force with scams centered on COVID-19. These scams include text messages, phone calls and phishing emails that claim to be from such agencies as the CDC and WHO. Take care before clicking on links from unknown sources and for more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission

Caring for our Employees 
We have a responsibility to our employees who live in our community and who are dedicated to serving members in these challenging times. Like many of our members, they are impacted by school and day care closures. They are also caring for themselves, their families, and have a responsibility for the health of our community.

We greatly value our employees. We have compensation and benefits programs to support their financial well-being during this time. All employees have generous sick and paid leave benefits and access to robust medical benefits.

Golden 1 and all our employees thank you for your understanding and patience. We are doing our very best to be here for our valued members when they need us most as well as provide much needed support to our employees who give so much of their time and heart to serving and caring for our members.

Supporting Our Community
Giving back has been an integral part of Golden 1 since day 1 and, in times like these, it’s more important than ever. By fulfilling immediate needs as well as ensuring the long-term health of our communities, we’ll get through this. We have donated more than $140,000 to food banks, agencies serving seniors, and nonprofits assisting with basic needs during this pandemic. We are also donating over 25,000 items of personal protective equipment to area hospitals including masks and gloves from our first aid supplies. We know more needs will arise and Golden 1 is actively listening and responding. We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure our shared communities are taken care of in their time of need.

*Finance charges will continue to accrue during the deferment period, your payments will be applied to the deferred interest prior to any application to principal. It is important to understand deferral of payments will increase finance charges over the life of the loan, and may increase the number of payments required to pay off the loan, your final payment may also change.

**Subject to completion of a forbearance agreement. At the conclusion of the forbearance period, members are provided two repayment options. Members may choose an 18-month repayment plan, or modification. With the modification, the loan term will be extended so that the monthly principal and interest payment does not increase.

***Conditions apply. Terms subject to change without notice. All loans subject to approval.

Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider.