The Financial Wellness Challenge

Exclusive budget simulation teaches young people financial realities.

Californians' financial well-being is our highest priority, and there's no better way to help than starting with teens and young adults. Our proprietary budget simulation workshop "The Challenge" gives them hands-on experience juggling income and expenses.


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Our video team captured some of the action at The Challenge.

The program is interactive and engaging – much more enjoyable than reading a bunch of powerpoint slides or books about financial wellness."

Dr. Jason Sumilhig, RISE Program Coordinator – Sierra College

Participants receive a mock identity with a certain profession and lifestyle. Facilitators engage the students at "stores," selling them childcare, housing, a car, and other necessities – while also tempting them with luxury purchases. By the end of the session, participants have made the hard choices they need to make their budgets work.

The Challenge really opened my mind to the difference between needs and wants."

Kalu, Challenge Participant

Golden 1 accepts applications from high schools, colleges, and nonprofits who want to participate in The Challenge. Interested organizations can send an email to