Celebrating our members with a million thanks.


We're here because of you!

You are at the heart of what we do and we want to say a heartfelt thanks to you. You share in our success and helped to make Golden 1 what it is today.

In 2019, to express our sincere appreciation for placing your trust in us, we gave back to our members an additional $20 million in supplemental dividends.*

To celebrate the season of thanks, we surprised these members with a special gift.

Meet Sonia.

Member since 2010

She’s a caregiver for the elderly and Golden 1 member. To thank Sonia for her selflessness, we surprised her with a special gift.

Meet Sam and Sara.

Members since 2015

They’re a married couple, fitness enthusiasts, and Golden 1 members. They inspired us with their teamwork and ambition, so we thanked them with a surprise.

Meet Manuel.

Member since 1995

He’s a part-time school bus driver, dedicated grandfather, and Golden 1 member. To thank him for his positive attitude, we’re treating Manuel and his family to something special they can enjoy together.

*Based on 25% of total savings dividends earned January 1 through October 1, 2019, with an $8 minimum. Only active members in good standing as of November 15, 2019 are eligible for the distribution. Active member: Any member with outstanding obligations (loans) or a minimum membership share balance of $1.00. Member in good standing: Any active member not currently in default on any loan or overdrawn on any deposit account more than 45 days. The member must also not be subject to any legal or administrative order or levy, have an escheatable account, be deceased, or have caused a loss to the Credit Union. Members who received a giveback notification but subsequently become ineligible as of November 15, 2019, will not receive the distribution and will not be notified. Member accounts must be open on November 19, 2019 to receive this supplemental dividend. Member Giveback Contribution may be taxable. If you receive a 1099 it will reflect this distribution. Please consult a tax professional. For FAQs click here.