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Fortunately, Golden 1 offers expertise to help you strengthen your credit score, use credit wisely, budget your expenses, save for important purchases, and so much more. Start training now. Pick a category you want to work on, or view all the topics below.

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At Golden 1, the financial well-being of all Californians is top priority. We want to help you reach your financial goals, and make it fun, too! Our Financial Wellness Learning Lab is your ticket to money know-how.

Gain financial knowledge and skills in minutes (at your own pace) with personalized tools for people of all ages, including:

  • A Financial Wellness Checkup, giving you expert insights
  • Courses with personalized action plans on topics like budgeting, mortgages, college, and more
  • Discovering your money personality to see how it affects your financial decisions 
New Learning Lab from the Financial Wellness Center

The Financial Wellness Podcast: Make Your Money Work for You!

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On-Demand Webcast

Tax Time: Taking the Confusion Out of Taxes

Let’s face it - taxes are complicated. Take some confusion out of tax time as we break down the basics. Learn how to file a Federal tax return and calculate your tax liability, along with the options available if you owe and the collection process for unpaid taxes.

On-Demand Webcast

Saving with Purpose

Saving money is much easier with a goal in mind. This workshop shows you how to choose the right goals for you and overcome barriers to achieving them.

On-Demand Webcast

Mind Over Money

Abundance or scarcity mindset, which one do you have? What did you learn about money as a child or through your past experiences? In this presentation, learn to uncover the impact of your past experiences on your financial behaviors and overall wellbeing. Delve into a deeper understanding of the dynamics shaping your financial life and learn actionable strategies to transition towards a more prosperous and mindful financial future.

On-Demand Webcast

College Financing 101

Whether you're a student planning for the future or a parent navigating the financial landscape, this workshop is your key to navigating and understanding the college financing process. Join us as we explore strategies to reduce college expenses, delve into various educational savings accounts, and discuss steps to securing financial aid.

On-Demand Webcast

World of Credit

Learn about credit bureaus and credit scoring as well as how to improve your credit score. Find out how to dispute credit report inaccuracies and deal with identity theft and fraud.


Online Video

A Discussion About the Golden 1 and eHealth Partnership

Online Video

Valentine's Day Financial Tips

Online Video

10 Steps to Financial Success

Learn the ten steps to financial success.

Online Video

After ID Theft

Effective steps you can take after personal or financial information theft.

Online Video

Digital Services

Learn internet security tips that will help keep your mobile transactions safe.

Online Video

Drive Away Happy

Tips for buying a car.

Online Video

Finances for Sandwich Generation

How to care for aging parents while still supporting your children.

Online Video

Home Buying 101

Don’t sign on the dotted line until you understand these essentials of buying a home.

Online Video

Home Equity

Your home equity can be a big asset, but how do you know how much your home is worth? Find out.

Online Video

ID Theft Protection

Your identity is a precious asset. Keep it secure to protect your future and your family.

Online Video

Paying for College

Learn about six different ways to pay for college.

Online Video

Personal Finance for College Students

Here are some excellent suggestions on managing your money while in school and after you graduate.

Online Video

Rebuilding Finances

Follow these essential steps after experiencing a financial crisis.

Online Video

Saving With Purpose

Make the most of your savings by setting  and achieving  specific goals.

Online Video

Solving the Mystery of Credit Reports

What does your credit report really mean? Watch and find out.

Online Video

Teens and Money

Building good money habits early.

Online Video

Understanding Credit

Learn how credit works so you can improve your score and enjoy lower rates.

Online Video

Using Credit Cards Wisely

Learn how to use credit cards wisely.


The Learning Lab

We’re proud to bring you the Learning Lab an interactive digital curriculum. It focuses on digital innovation to increase financial capability among consumers and communities alike. We hope you enjoy the numerous topics and action plans provided to help you achieve financial wellness.