plan for your unexpected.

With our Courtesy Pay Program

Golden 1 knows that unforeseen expenses come up that may leave you short on funds. Our Courtesy Pay Program can help.

Courtesy Pay provides coverage when the available balance in your checking account is insufficient to cover a transaction. There is no fee to enroll and with a Golden 1 checking account, you're automatically enrolled for electronic transactions (ACH) and checks. If you want the same coverage for your debit card transactions, opt in to Courtesy Pay for Everyday Debit Transactions.

Requirements: You will be eligible for our Courtesy Pay program if you have an eligible account type and if you maintain your account in good standing. Maintaining your account in good standing includes, among other requirements, the following:

  • You are not in default on any loan obligation to us;
  • You bring your account to a positive balance at least once every thirty days; and
  • Your account is not the subject of any legal or administrative order or levy

How it works:

  • A fee is charged per item that's covered. See separate Fee Schedule
  • Maximum of six Courtesy Pay transactions per day
  • Overdraft balance must be paid within 30 days

Want the same coverage for your Debit Card transactions?

You can cancel your Courtesy Pay for Everyday Debit transactions at any time.


You can opt out from the entire Courtesy Pay program (for ACH, checks, and Everyday Debit Card transactions) at any time.