Put your paycheck on autopilot.

And get your money up to a day early.*

Enroll in Golden 1 Direct Deposit and you might find your pay deposited into your account early.*  Most employers make payroll funds available a day before payday. We deposit your pay when it’s available, because we know you work hard for your money and want you to have it right away!

In many cases, that can be the day before payday or even earlier. If your payday falls on a Monday and we’re in receipt of the funds, you might receive your deposit in time for the weekend.

Enroll in direct deposit today and let the fun begin!

Direct Deposit Isn't Just for Paychecks.
Get all of your recurring payments deposited into your account automatically with direct deposit. It's free and secure, and saves you trips to the branch or ATM. Eligible payments include:

  • Paycheck
  • Social Security payments
  • VA benefits
  • Pension payments
  • Dividends
  • Or any other recurring payment

Payroll Deductions for Loan Payments
Now that your paycheck is on autopilot, make life even easier by doing the same with your loan payments. You can have your monthly payments automatically deducted from your paycheck. California state offices, CalPERS, and many other employers offer payroll deduction. Ask yours!

*Early deposit of funds is not guaranteed and is dependent on the timing of funding by the payer.