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Will I receive a new card number because my Platinum Rewards account was changed to Member Cash Rewards+?
No, your card number will remain the same. A new expiration date and security code (CVV) will be created and provided when you receive your new Member Cash Rewards+ credit card.

The new cards will be issued when your Platinum Rewards card expires, or by June 2023, whichever is first. You will need to activate it upon receipt. Once you activate your Member Cash Rewards+ card the Platinum Rewards card will automatically deactivate. Otherwise, your Platinum Rewards credit card will be deactivated 90 days from the date your new Member Cash Rewards+ card is issued.   

I do not want another credit card. Why are you sending me a Member Cash Rewards+ credit card?
Your Platinum Rewards account was upgraded, and we are just sending you a rebranded replacement card with a new look and feel. With this upgrade you have new cardholder benefits and can earn more cash-back rewards. 

When you receive your new Member Cash Rewards+ credit card, we recommend each cardholder activate and use their new card as soon as possible.

For more information, please call our Member Service Contact Center at 1 (877) GOLDEN 1 / 1 (877) 465‑3361.
When can I start using my Golden 1 credit card?

Your new Golden 1 credit card account will be valid once you activate it. When you receive your new card, please call the number on the activation sticker (on the front of your card).

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My replacement card has a new card number. What do I need to do?
To make sure your card is ready to go and your services are uninterrupted:

You can activate your card directly through Online or Mobile Banking by navigating to the new card within the Manage Cards or Cards sections, clicking on the Activate Card link, and following the prompts.
  • Or you can activate your card and set/reset a PIN by calling the number on the activation sticker.
  • Update any mobile wallets and Visa Secure Checkout with your new card information. 
  • Contact any merchants with whom you’ve set up recurring payments and update your card number. 
  • Update automatic payment transfers, travel alerts, and transaction alerts within Golden 1 Online/Mobile Banking.
  • Re-enroll the new card number in any electronic bills you have set up.

How many months of credit card transactions can I view in Online or Mobile Banking?

The Account Activity page will display up to 2 years of transactions. To view transactions beyond this, please refer to your Credit Card Online Statements within the Statements and Documents.

What is a credit freeze?
By and large, when you freeze your credit report, you are stopping any of your personal data from being reported to lenders and creditors. Thus, in the event that a fraudster would try to use your Social Security number to apply for a credit card, that application would be rejected, as the bank would be unable to verify your credit score.

The path to a credit freeze involves informing all three major credit bureaus. Each bureau will ask you to answer several questions to validate your identity, and you'll get a PIN code that you can use to freeze and unfreeze your credit report, as needed.

There is no longer a cost to freeze or unfreeze your credit report thanks to the recently enacted Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act. Credit freezes are now free in all states, for both placing the initial credit freeze as well as "thawing" or lifting the credit freeze, either temporarily or permanently.

For more information, click here to visit our free Financial Wellness Portal where you can watch videos, download podcasts, register for webinars, or explore our Learning Lab for self-paced activities that cover some of the most common financial matters.​

How can I view the history on my accounts? Will I be able to see if a check has cleared?

With Online Banking, you can easily access your savings, checking, credit card, and loan accounts, as well as view current or past account statements. You can even view your certificate and IRA accounts. To view images of checks that have posted to your account, visit the Account Activity page, then click the check icon next to your transaction.

We also offer Mobile Banking which lets you access your account history and activity from your mobile device. To view check images within Mobile Banking, tap on your checking account, then tap the transaction.

For step-by-step instructions, watch our Online and Mobile Banking demos.

How can I repair my credit?
If you ever find yourself in need of a credit score boost, here are some simple steps that can get you on the road to recovery:

•  Pay on time, every time – A commitment to never make a payment late again is one of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your credit rating.

•  Pay down existing debt – Even if you have never missed a payment, a large debt load will lower your score. Explore ways you can lower your interest rates and free up cash to make more than the minimum payments.

•  Avoid taking on additional debt – Besides paying down existing debt, make an effort to not take on more debt in the future. Ideally, you should not charge more than you can pay off in full the next month, but at the very least, keep the balances on revolving debt, such as credit cards, under 50% of the credit limit.

•  Dispute errors – Many credit reports contain mistakes. Perhaps someone else’s collection account appears on your report, or you were marked late on a credit card you always pay on time. That is why it is a good idea to periodically review your credit report from each of three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can get a free copy of your credit report annually from the Annual Credit Report Request Service (, 877-322-8228). If you see any errors, contact the relevant credit bureau and dispute them.

You want financial education, we got it! Click here to visit our free Financial Wellness Portal where you can watch videos, download podcasts, register for webinars, or explore our Learning Lab for self-paced activities.


Why was my Platinum Secured credit card re-issued as a Member First secured credit card?
Your Platinum Secured account has been renamed to Member First. Although the terms and conditions are the same, your new card features the Member First name and a new card design. The new Member First branded cards will be sent to you when your Platinum Secured card expires or is lost or stolen. You can activate the new Member First card to continue accessing your previous Platinum Secured line. 

Will everyone on my Platinum Rewards account receive a new card for Member Cash Rewards+ account?
Yes, everyone on the eligible Platinum Rewards account will receive a Member Cash Rewards+ credit card, with their existing card number. 

We recommend each cardholder activate and use their new ard as soon as possible.