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Where can I find my new rate when the Prime Rate changes?
Your effective variable interest rate will be available on your monthly billing statement.


How does a variable rate on my credit card benefit me?
A variable rate will automatically adjust to a lower rate when the Prime Rate goes down.


What is the margin Golden 1 adds to the Prime Rate to determine the APR for my credit card?
The margins range from 4.54% to 12.54% depending on your credit quality. 

What is a Balance Transfer and how does it work?
A balance transfer allows you to move balances from one credit card to a lower rate credit card to simplify your payments and save money on interest. You can transfer your high rate credit card balances to your Golden 1 credit card by signing into Online Banking, select your Golden 1 credit card account and "Credit Card" under Account Details then Menu, Manage Card and Balance Transfer. 


What is the minimum payment on my credit card?

The minimum payment on your Golden 1 credit card is determined by your account balance, interest rates, finance charges, and any transaction or penalty fees. Please see your credit card agreement and disclosures or call our Member Service Contact Center at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361) to request a paper copy.

View all Credit Card Account Agreements and Disclosures

Why is the rate on my Member First credit card being reduced?
This change is part of Golden 1’s ongoing efforts to support our members in establishing or re-establishing credit.
Is there a maximum limit on how much my credit card rate will go up or down if I am covered under the Military Lending Act (MLA)?
For MLA-covered borrowers the maximum rate is 36% APR and there is no minimum other than the disclosed margin.


How can I repair my credit?
If you ever find yourself in need of a credit score boost, here are some simple steps that can get you on the road to recovery:

•  Pay on time, every time – A commitment to never make a payment late again is one of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your credit rating.

•  Pay down existing debt – Even if you have never missed a payment, a large debt load will lower your score. Explore ways you can lower your interest rates and free up cash to make more than the minimum payments.

•  Avoid taking on additional debt – Besides paying down existing debt, make an effort to not take on more debt in the future. Ideally, you should not charge more than you can pay off in full the next month, but at the very least, keep the balances on revolving debt, such as credit cards, under 50% of the credit limit.

•  Dispute errors – Many credit reports contain mistakes. Perhaps someone else’s collection account appears on your report, or you were marked late on a credit card you always pay on time. That is why it is a good idea to periodically review your credit report from each of three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can get a free copy of your credit report annually from the Annual Credit Report Request Service (, 877-322-8228). If you see any errors, contact the relevant credit bureau and dispute them.

You want financial education, we got it! Click here to visit our free Financial Wellness Portal where you can watch videos, download podcasts, register for webinars, or explore our Learning Lab for self-paced activities.


How do I qualify for a loan or credit card?

Qualification for a Golden 1 loan or credit card is determined by several factors, including creditworthiness and income. You can apply online for a loan or credit card today by going to the page of the loan you are interested in and clicking the "Apply Now" or "Apply Today" button. You can also apply at any Golden 1 branch or by calling our Member Service Contact Center at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361). Before you can fund your loan, a Golden 1 Member Service Representative or branch employee will need to verify your identity. View all Credit Card Account Agreements and Disclosures.

Do I need to do anything to ensure my Member First credit card rate is reduced?
There’s no action required by you. This change will take place automatically.
Are other Golden 1 credit card rates also being reduced?
This change is a one-time adjustment that applies only to the Member First secured credit card.
Will my Member First credit card rate reduction be a permanent change?
This reduction is to the margin, which is the percentage added to the prime rate to determine the rate you pay on your Member First credit card. Your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will continue to vary with changes to the U.S. Prime Rate, published in the Wall Street Journal.
What if I use a convenience check for my Golden 1 credit card account after the use by date on the check?
Checks that clear after the use by or other promotional date may still be honored if the card has available credit. After a promotional date expires though, the promotional rate or other offer may no longer apply.
What mobile and online services are available through Golden 1?
Stay connected with Golden 1 and your money easily and conveniently from home with these free*** services.
  • Mobile and Online Banking are available for you 24/7. It's easy to sign up, and with our digital banking guarantee, it's safe and secure. Enroll now or learn more about our “bank at home” services. Here's what you can do at-a-glance:
    • Account inquiries and transfers
    • Loan and bill payments
    • Deposit checks (using the app)
    • Open a new account
    • Manage your debit card using our Mobile app*** . You can instantly turn your debit card on and off.
    • Apply for a new loan or credit card, and so much more.
  • – Our newly designed website is easily accessible online and from your smart phone and has a wealth of information at your fingertips, including a handy search feature to find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Email your questions to, or for account specific inquiries, securely through your online account. We will respond within 24 hours.
  • Use our automated phone system to easily make loan payments at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361).

***Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider. 

Why was my Platinum Rewards credit card changed to Member Cash Rewards+?
The updated name and card reflect the additional benefits we’re offering qualified members, including increased reward earning potential and a host of lifestyle benefits. For a full list of benefits, review our Visa Signature Benefits Guide.

Your credit card limit, rate, or credit relationship with Golden 1 will not be impacted.

Where can I get information about the Member Cash Rewards credit card?
The Member Cash Rewards credit card offers great rates and comes with generous cash rewards and other benefits. Details on the Member Cash Rewards card are available here.   

What is difference between my Platinum Rewards card and the new Member Cash Rewards+ card that replaced it?
The new Member Cash Rewards+ offers the same low rate but with increased reward earning potential and a host of lifestyle benefits. 

Why was I offered a Member Cash Rewards credit card when I applied for a Member Cash Rewards+ credit card?
The Member Cash Rewards+ card has a minimum credit limit of $5,000. So, if you apply for the Member Cash Rewards+ card and are approved for a credit limit less than $5,000 you may be offered the Member Cash Rewards card, which comes with lower credit limits but still great rates and rewards.