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What types of accounts can I access through Online Banking?

You can access account balances and history for savings, checking, loans, credit cards, IRAs and certificate accounts.

How many months of credit card transactions can I view in Online or Mobile Banking?

The Account Activity page will display up to 2 years of transactions. To view transactions beyond this, please refer to your Credit Card Online Statements within the Statements and Documents.

Why aren’t any credit card transactions displaying within Online and Mobile Banking?

By default, only transactions that have been made since your last statement will display. To display older transactions, you can either select the “Next Statement” button or select a specific statement period.

What is different about transactions that appear in gray italics within Online Banking?

There are two types of transactions that appear in gray italics:

  • Transactions that were posted to your account today display a running balance. These funds are reflected in your available balance and may be categorized or edited tomorrow.
  • Transactions that are still pending display an asterisk (*) in the running balance. These funds are on hold and are reflected in your available balance. They may be categorized or edited once the transaction has posted to your account.
Is there a fee to accessing my credit score in Mobile or Online Banking?
No. There is no fee to access your credit score in Mobile or Online Banking.

How often is the credit score in Mobile and Online Banking updated?
As long as you are a regular Online Banking user, your credit score will be updated every month and displayed in your Mobile and Online Banking portal. You can click “refresh score” as frequently as once a day to obtain a refreshed score.

How do I pay my bills online?

Online Banking makes paying your bills easy with our online Bill Payment service. You can receive and pay bills, schedule recurring payments and track your payment history. To get started, sign on to Online Banking, click on the Pay Bills tab. Complete a few easy steps and you're enrolled. Once you've enrolled, visit our Bill Payment page to learn how easy it can be to pay your bills online.

1Online Bill Payment is only available to members 18 and older.

Can I deactivate the credit score feature in Mobile and Online Banking?
Yes. You can deactivate the credit score feature by signing in to Online Banking, in the My Credit Score box, click on the "Show Full Report" button. Once in the credit score portal, click the Resources tab, in the Profile Settings box click the View Now button, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Deactivate Credit Score Account button.

Can I access my Golden 1 credit card account information online?

You can access your account information via Online Banking by clicking on your credit card account link. You will have access to your current balance, transaction history, payment information and more. You can also enroll in Visa Online Statements to receive your account statements electronically. Once you enroll, you will begin to accumulate your statement history up to 18 months. You must be continuously enrolled to accumulate and view past statements.


What mobile and online services are available through Golden 1?
Stay connected with Golden 1 and your money easily and conveniently from home with these free*** services.
  • Mobile and Online Banking are available for you 24/7. It's easy to sign up, and with our digital banking guarantee, it's safe and secure. Enroll now or learn more about our “bank at home” services. Here's what you can do at-a-glance:
    • Account inquiries and transfers
    • Loan and bill payments
    • Deposit checks (using the app)
    • Open a new account
    • Manage your debit card using our Mobile app*** . You can instantly turn your debit card on and off.
    • Apply for a new loan or credit card, and so much more.
  • – Our newly designed website is easily accessible online and from your smart phone and has a wealth of information at your fingertips, including a handy search feature to find what you need quickly and easily.
  • Email your questions to, or for account specific inquiries, securely through your online account. We will respond within 24 hours.
  • Use our automated phone system to easily make loan payments at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361).

***Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider. 

Will accessing my credit score through Online or Mobile Banking negatively impact my credit?
No. Accessing your credit score is a “soft inquiry”, which does not affect your credit.  Lenders use ‘hard inquiries’ to make decisions about your credit worthiness when you apply for loans.

What is a Balance Transfer and how does it work?
A balance transfer allows you to move balances from one credit card to a lower rate credit card to simplify your payments and save money on interest. You can transfer your high rate credit card balances to your Golden 1 credit card by signing into Online Banking, select your Golden 1 credit card account and "Credit Card" under Account Details then Menu, Manage Card and Balance Transfer. 


How do I get a copy of the Online Visa Statement Notice and Consent?

The Visa Online Statement Notice and Consent is available through Online Banking. Click on “Disclosures” in the footer of any page.

How can I make a payment to my Golden 1 credit card account?

You can transfer the payments from another Golden 1 account to your credit card account through Mobile or Online Banking. Scheduled transfers will process at 1:00 p.m. (Pacific time) on the selected date. Once the transfer has processed, payments will affect your credit card’s available balance immediately, and there is no cost for this service. You can also mail your payment to:

Golden 1 Credit Union
PO Box 15318
Sacramento, CA 95851-0318

For additional payment options call us at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361), visit your local branch or send us an email

How can I view the history on my accounts? Will I be able to see if a check has cleared?

With Online Banking, you can easily access your savings, checking, credit card, and loan accounts, as well as view current or past account statements. You can even view your certificate and IRA accounts. To view images of checks that have posted to your account, visit the Account Activity page, then click the check icon next to your transaction.

We also offer Mobile Banking which lets you access your account history and activity from your mobile device. To view check images within Mobile Banking, tap on your checking account, then tap the transaction.

For step-by-step instructions, watch our Online and Mobile Banking demos.

What should I do if I am planning to travel out of town and use my Golden 1 card?
If you’re planning a trip out of town and expect to use your Golden 1 Debit or credit card, let us know ahead of time. We can safeguard your account while you’re gone to help ensure your card is not fraudulently used – and alert you immediately if it is.

Inform us of your travels by:
  • Sending us a secure message in Online Banking or
  • Calling our Member Service Contact Center at 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361).
How do I sign up for credit card transaction alerts?

By default, all alerts will be set to ON once you access your cards and card management features through Online or Mobile Banking by clicking/tapping Manage Cards or Cards respectively. To manage your alert settings:

Online Banking:

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click Manage Cards.
  3. Click Controls & Alerts under Manage Card.
  4. Click Alerts and select the type of alert you want to send.

Mobile Banking:

  1. Log in to the Mobile Banking app.
  2. Tap Cards from the menu tray at the bottom.
  3. Tap Controls & Alerts under Manage Card.
  4. Click Alerts and select the type of alert you want to set.

Can I categorize my credit card transactions?

Credit card transactions are no longer available for categorization. We offer a download option in Online Banking with the following steps:

  1. Sign on to Online Banking
  2. Click “Accounts”
  3. Click “Export Transactions”
  4. Select the Account, Date Range, and download format
  5. Click “Download”
Can I download my credit card transactions?

Yes, we offer transaction download options within Online Banking for Intuit Quicken (using the QFX format) or for spreadsheets (using CSV format). We also offer Quicken Download via Express WebConnect.

In Online Banking, click on your credit card then click Export Transactions.


How do I enroll in the credit score feature?
Enrolling to access your credit score is fast and easy. In your Online Banking portal simply click on the “Check your Score” button on the My Credit Score icon found in Mobile and Online Banking, answer a few questions to verify your identity, read and accept a disclosure and you’re all set.