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How do I change my default card using Apple Pay?

The process of changing your default card is different depending on the device you're using. Here are instructions for iPhone or iPad:

1. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay

2. Scroll down to Transaction Defaults

3. Tap Default Card, then choose a new card

On your iPhone you can also open Wallet, touch and hold a card and drag it to the front of your cards.

For instructions on other devices, please visit the Apple Pay website.

My replacement card has a new card number. What do I need to do?
To make sure your card is ready to go and your services are uninterrupted:

You can activate your card directly through Online or Mobile Banking by navigating to the new card within the Manage Cards or Cards sections, clicking on the Activate Card link, and following the prompts.
  • Or you can activate your card and set/reset a PIN by calling the number on the activation sticker.
  • Update any mobile wallets and Visa Secure Checkout with your new card information. 
  • Contact any merchants with whom you’ve set up recurring payments and update your card number. 
  • Update automatic payment transfers, travel alerts, and transaction alerts within Golden 1 Online/Mobile Banking.
  • Re-enroll the new card number in any electronic bills you have set up.