Committed to Your Financial Well-Being.

Golden 1 is Open for Financial Assistance During the Government Shutdown.

Golden 1 is committed to your well-being. As a valued member, we’re here to help you and your loved ones prepare for your future and assist you during unexpected events, such as the temporary government shutdown on January 19, 2024, which may impact your finances.


If you’re concerned that the shutdown may delay your paycheck and keep you from meeting your financial obligations, rest assured, we’re looking out for you. Golden 1 has created a quick and easy one-time, no-interest payroll assistance loan for impacted members.

Features include:

  • 0% APR for a 60-day term
  • Loan amount equal to your net payroll checks for one month (Minimum loan is $500 and maximum is $6,000)
  • Loan can be repaid in two equal payments/installments

To be eligible* for this one-time loan, your federal payroll direct deposit must have been posted to a Golden 1 account within 30 days prior January 19, 2024.


If you received an email invitation to apply, applications will be accepted two days after your scheduled direct deposit payroll date or any time prior to the end of the shutdown. If you did not receive an invitation to apply and believe you are eligible, you can apply in person at any Golden 1 branch, or by phone by calling 1-877-GOLDEN 1 (1-877-465-3361).

Quick Tips for Conserving Cash During a Crisis

  • Be proactive. Contact your auto loan, home loan or credit card issuers to explain your situation. Inform them you may miss a payment due to the government shutdown. They may offer relief or waive fees.
  • Hold reoccurring subscriptions. Consider putting a vacation hold on your subscription services, like streaming TV, to pause your payments without having to cancel services.
  • Control what you can. While you may not be able to avoid the stress caused by an unexpected financial crisis, there are small actions you can take to control your spending. Save money by meal planning. Create a shopping list and menu for the week and prepare enough meals for several days. It’s far less costly than restaurants and ordering take-out.

For more budgeting tips, visit the Learning Lab.

*Must be in good standing with no negative share balances, have no past due Golden 1 lending accounts and meet minimum loan qualification criteria. A federal payroll direct deposit to a Golden 1 checking or savings account must have been posted in the prior 30 days.