Flex Your Financial Fitness with Credit Sense.

Build, improve, or maximize your credit score.


Do you know if your credit score has what it takes to win? Build or improve your score today! It's easy to enroll in Credit Sense. Simply sign on to Golden 1 Mobile or Online Banking, tap “Check My Score,” and complete the quick enrollment process. You can start getting the benefits right away!


Build your credit. 9 in 10 Americans have an established credit history.** If you haven’t yet, learn how to successfully get in the game and establish your credit with us. Learn more.


Improve your credit. Did you know keeping your credit usage under 30% can help improve your credit rating? Receive additional tips from Credit Sense for your playbook to help run up your score! Learn more.


Maximize your credit awesomeness! You’d be amazed at how much your "very good" credit score can save you. Be sure you're making the most of your score. Learn more.

If you're not sure why credit scores matter to you or what determines your credit score, we have an informative and fun video that will help explain it all. Watch and learn.

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Keeping score of your credit is no sweat when we team up and you take advantage of the affordable financial solutions we offer. Credit Sense can be a game changer for your playbook! It's easy to use with a simple tap in either Mobile or Online Banking. 

Credit Sense offers more than the score! You also get free* insights into your credit score, monitoring alerts that tip you off to credit changes, and money saving offers. We’re rooting for your financial success!

Stay informed:

  • See your credit score anytime, 24/7, for free
  • Access your full credit report
  • Receive monthly updates

Stay safe: 

  • Receive an immediate alert when there is a change, so you can protect your credit and identity

Stay financially healthy:

  • Learn what factors influence your score and use our free educational tools to manage or improve your credit
  • See Golden 1 loan products that can help you save money on interest

Managing your credit score can make a big difference in the interest rates you pay on your auto loan, credit card, mortgage, and more. And saving on interest can improve your financial wellness and quality of life! 

Go the distance by improving your credit score

* Mobile rates may apply.

** According to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, one in ten Americans have no credit score or history. Nerd Wallet February 6, 2019