Electronic Notices

Automated email notices help you stay on top of activity.

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Get email notifications.

With Online Banking, you’ll automatically get eNotices, for timely notification of the following events.

  • Google Pay™: When a credit card or debit card is added or removed from Google Pay
  • Apple Pay®: When a credit or debit card is added or removed from Apple Pay
  • Checking: Notices concerning an overdrawn balance
  • College Saver: College Saver Certificate account notifications
  • Coverdell: When a Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA) Certificate matures
  • IRA Term Savings: When an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Certificate matures
  • Negative Balance: If your account balance remains negative for 10 days, you’ll be alerted to take action to avoid account closure
  • Online Statement: When your Golden 1 statement is available online
  • Overdraft: If a transaction (for example, Point of Sale or electronic payment) results in a negative account balance or is returned due to non-sufficient funds (NSF), you’ll be notified; if you have overdraft protection, the notice will also include details about the transaction
  • Platinum Rewards: Account opening notification
  • Proxy Voting: Golden 1 Voting Proxy notification
  • Safe Deposit Box: If your safe deposit box rental fee is automatically withdrawn from your checking account, you’ll be notified when this fee has been charged
  • Samsung Pay™: When a credit card or debit card is added or removed from Samsung Pay™
  • Skip-a-Pay: A confirmation that your Holiday Skip-A-Payment request has been received or approved
  • Term Savings: Notice of Term Savings Certificate Maturity
  • Visa® Credit Card: Welcome message for opening a new Golden 1 Visa credit card account