Voting Proxy

Make your vote count even when you can't make the meeting.

Make your vote count.

THIS VOTING PROXY IS SOLICITED ON BEHALF OF THE MANAGEMENT OF THE GOLDEN 1 CREDIT UNION (“GOLDEN 1” OR THE “CREDIT UNION”). A Voting Proxy is a written authorization signed by a member giving a designated person or persons the power to vote on the member’s behalf. Having a Voting Proxy means your vote will be counted, even if you don’t attend the Annual Meeting.

If you would like to appoint Paris D. Coleman, Chair of the Board of the Credit Union (“Proxy Holder”), to be your proxy agent with full power of substitution to vote at the Annual Meeting of Members to be held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 18, 2020, at the Credit Union’s principal executive offices, located at 8945 Cal Center Drive, Sacramento, California, or any adjournments thereof (the “2020 Annual Meeting”), please complete and submit the Voting Proxy on the right-hand side of this page. This will constitute your signature on the Voting Proxy and will authorize the Proxy Holder to vote on your behalf. Your vote shall be cast in accordance with the choice you indicate.

PROPOSAL – At the Annual Meeting, the members will vote on a proposal to amend Section 43 of the Bylaws of The Golden 1 Credit Union to provide for a variable odd number of authorized directors within a range of not less than nine (9) nor more than thirteen (13), with the exact number set at eleven (11) until changed, within such range, by resolution of the Board of Directors of The Golden 1 Credit Union from time-to-time. Such amendment to become effective immediately upon approval of the members.

A version of Section 43 of the Bylaws showing the specific changes proposed (deletions and additions) is set forth below:



Section 43   Number and Qualifications. The Credit Union shall be directed by a Board consisting of eleven (11) Directors unless changed by amendment to these Bylawsan odd number of persons of not less than nine (9) nor more than thirteen (13). Within the range set by this provision, the number of persons on the Board may be set and changed by resolution of the Board. A copy of the resolution of the Board fixing from time to time the authorized number of persons on the Board shall be filed with the official copy of the Bylaws of this Credit Union. Until changed by the Board in accordance with this provision, the number of authorized Directors shall be eleven (11). Each Director shall be at least eighteen (18) years of age and shall have been a member of the Credit Union in his or her own right for not less than three years. No person shall be a Director who: (a) simultaneously serves as an officer or director of another financial institution where such service would present a conflict of interest; or (b) within seven years prior to the time of the election filed a petition under the Bankruptcy Act seeking discharge from his or her debts; or (c) failed to perform the duty to the Credit Union required by Section 8 of these Bylaws.