Article | November 4, 2022

Hear From the Members Who Love Us: Blog Round-Up

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Hearing how and why members trust Golden 1 Credit Union is always a great experience. Recently, we worked with several Golden 1 Credit Union members and enthusiasts to tell their stories about credit union membership and about how Golden 1 Credit Union provides the financial solutions, advice and education they need to achieve their financial goals.

We’re inspired by these amazing Californians and how they’re managing their lives and businesses, so we are sharing their experiences with you. See below to learn a little about each of these Golden 1 Credit Union members, then check out their full stories on their blogs.

1. Planning For Our Family’s Future! by Brite and Bubbly

 Who: Vanessa, mom and small business owner

Read Vanessa’s story on the Brite and Bubbly blog.

Vanessa’s Goals: To save more and to ensure her children have access to the resources they need to achieve their goals. Even though her little ones are still quite young, she knows it’s never too early to start saving. “You literally have to start a college fund before children are even born because college is so expensive these days,” Vanessa shared.

Why Vanessa Chose Golden 1 Credit Union: 
Golden 1 Credit Union is Vanessa’s financial provider of choice because “Golden 1 actually cares and understands people’s immediate and long-term financial needs in a way a big bank can’t. You can get more personalized service with a credit union.”

2. Home Projects Are a Breeze With a Trusty Credit Union By Your Side! by This Bliss Life

Who: Tiffany, writer and home renovator from the Bay Area

Read Tiffany’s story on This Bliss Life.

Tiffany’s Goals: To create a better, safer backyard by updating her fence. “It was one of those house emergencies that we knew we had to take care of immediately,” she shared. During this unexpected project, Tiffany learned credit unions are there for their members’ challenges - big and small.

Why Tiffany Chose Golden 1 Credit Union: Tiffany knew she could trust Golden 1 Credit Union to serve as an advisor throughout this home improvement process. The representatives she worked with made it easy to find an affordable loan option and to get access to the funds she needed, when she needed them. “Member service is key. I knew this fence project was going to be a good chunk of money since our yard is so large. Calling Golden 1 took away the stress!”

3. A Long-Time Credit Union Love Story: “Why I Choose A Credit Union Instead of a Bank” by Brown Thumb Mama

Who: Pam, blogger and gardening enthusiast

Read Pam’s story on Brown Thumb Mama.

Pam’s Story: Pam shared her lifelong love of Golden 1 Credit Union, starting with her first car loan. “The good folks at Golden 1 helped me out with a car loan way back in 1995,” Pam said. “I’m happy to say I’m still a member all these years later, because Golden 1 gives me better service than the big banks.”

Why Pam Continues To Choose Golden 1 Credit Union: In addition to her car-buying journey, Pam also shared other instances where Golden 1 Credit Union has earned her trust and loyalty, including the credit union’s support of the community and a loan to renovate her now-amazing pool! We love a story that stretches across decades, and we appreciate Pam’s membership. She shared that “Golden 1 has continued to support our family for many years, in all the stages of our lives.”

4. The Pandemic Changed My Perspective On Planning For The Future by ManTripping

Who: James, blogger and small business owner

Read James’s story on ManTripping.

James’s Goals: James and his wife have a shared dream of owning a winery. They’ve been working toward this goal together, learning both about grapes and about running a business that appeals to consumers and works financially.

Why James Chooses Golden 1 Credit Union: The past two years have been tough on many businesses, and James’s winery project was no exception. He’s focused on continuing to grow his business and relies on Golden 1’s experts as partners in financial decision making. “Finances is one area where we continue to seek assistance and frankly,” James said, “credit unions just simply do it better.”

Stories like these emphasize the credit union difference and highlight that Golden 1 Credit Union serves as a trusted partner for members throughout their lifetimes. We support members’ needs throughout their different life stages, offering convenient financial solutions and financial education resources that empower them to make the best choices for their situation.

We care about the financial well-being of our members and our community, and we’re ready to provide personalized advice, service, and support. As you plan for the next step of your financial journey, reach out to our teams at our local branches and Home Loan Centers or through the member contact center. We look forward to hearing from you, and to possibly sharing your story someday!