Article | April 20, 2022

Make Your Career Golden

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Three smiling Golden 1 employees taking a selfie in a Golden 1 branch

The pandemic caused career upheaval for many people — from recent graduates struggling to find their first job to long-time employees suddenly out of work. If you’re in one of these groups — or you’re simply ready for a professional change — a career with Golden 1 Credit Union could be just what you need. Here’s a peek inside our doors.

A culture of caring and community
Rhotunda Conda is one person who found a home at Golden 1 during the pandemic, coming aboard as the VP, Human Resources. With a completely virtual interview and onboarding experience, plus working remotely, it was an unusual way to start a new job. But she says the process was very telling of the type of company she was coming to work for.

“It was a good litmus test for how the organization operates,” she says. “If your culture can permeate through a virtual setting, I believe that says it’s authentic.”

What exactly is the culture at Golden 1? “It’s steeped in being a caring, collaborative culture, and one that’s very supportive of our employees, our members and the community,” says Conda.

Invested in employee satisfaction
How the credit union responded when the pandemic hit presents a clear example of employee support. “We immediately pivoted to make sure our employees were working in a safe environment,” says Conda, noting that only a small percentage of essential employees went to the office. The organization also provided additional sick pay for employees with COVID-19, as well as mental and emotional health resources.

Golden 1 works hard to recognize employees through activities such as an employee appreciation day celebration, personal messages from managers, a service week, and an annual summit. Local branches do their own recognition efforts, too.

Employees also enjoy competitive benefits and wages. “We put a lot of thought into our compensation,” says Conda. “We survey our immediate competitive landscape, as well as local, statewide, and across comparable industries to make sure we’re staying competitive. We’re constantly looking to see where we can move the needle to make sure employees feel valued.”

Golden 1 has earned recognition for its employee efforts. They’ve been named a Best-in-State Employer by Forbes for three consecutive years, and last year also made it on American Banker’s list of Best Credit Union to Work for.

Committed to service excellence
Conda is one of many Golden 1 employees who don’t simply enjoy the work environment, but also appreciate that “we are a company rooted in purpose, and we are making a difference in the financial lives of our members and in the community,” she says.

As with any credit union, Golden 1 is a not-for-profit organization with a strong member focus. That’s one of the main differences between credit unions and banks. Specifically, Golden 1’s long-standing reputation for service excellence and placing members at the center of everything they do has resulted in customer satisfaction scores of 9 on a 10-point scale.

“We’re constantly developing products and services with members in mind. And with every interaction, we want members to have a Golden experience,” says Conda.

Dedicated to the community
There’s one more aspect of the Golden 1 culture that keeps Conda and other employees engaged: The credit union’s strong connection to the communities it serves. People helping people is a core value. Paired with Golden 1’s “Stronger Together” approach, there is a definite focus on supporting, partnering with, and investing in local communities.

This commitment takes many forms, from scholarships and food drives, to grants for non-profit organizations that advance literacy and assist foster youth. Every employee is also given four hours of paid time to use for volunteering.

This level of community involvement has been recognized by the Sacramento Business Journal, which honored Golden 1 with a Corporate Citizenship award for two years running.

Where do you fit in?
Not sure that a career in finance is right for you? You could still find a career at Golden 1. We have opportunities to accommodate a variety of interests and skillsets, from our customer-facing tellers and member service assistants to a variety of supporting departments, such as information technology, accounting, compliance, marketing, community relations, and more.

Plus, we offer learning and development courses, professional certifications, and tuition reimbursement to help you excel in any role and advance your career.

“Golden 1 is always looking for excellent talent to join the credit union,” says Conda. “We’d love to hear from any potential candidates so we can make a connection!”

To learn more about careers at Golden 1 or search for current openings, visit us online. You can also find Golden 1 career opportunities through our LinkedIn page, as well as on and other job-search websites.