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Our FHA program offers low down payments, flexible qualification terms, and competitive loan rates.

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We’re lowering your up-front costs to make home buying affordable.

Homeownership is closer than you think! We’re here to help make it affordable with the right loan and our money-saving programs – plus the guidance of your local Home Loan Advisor.

Golden 1 FHA Purchase Program

FHA down payment as low as 3.5% and can be a gift.

There’s no need to save money for years, working toward a typical 20% down payment. Buy now with less money down. And the entire amount can come from gift funds from a family member.

Flexible qualification terms.

FHA loans are available for a wide range of credit scores and types of income.

Competitive rates.

We’re a member-owned credit union, and we return our earnings to our members in the form of lower loan rates. Membership has its benefits!

FHA loans – not just for first-time homebuyers.

FHA loans use flexible lending guidelines that can help many buyers qualify!

  • Self-employed
  • Rebuilding credit
  • And of course, first-time homebuyers

Save even more with the Golden 1 Buyer Advantage Program*

You can potentially save thousands of dollars on closing costs with our members-only Buyer Advantage Program. When you purchase your home through a Golden 1 Credit Union Preferred Real Estate Agent, you'll receive up to 25% of your real estate agent's commission credited towards your closing costs.

We’re local and ready to help.

Our knowledgeable and experienced Home Loan Advisors are located in a Golden 1 Home Loan Center or branch near you. They’ll help you step by step to open the door to your new home.

Take the first step today to give your dreams a home. Find your local Home Loan Advisor, call 1-800-917-9000, or make an appointment to visit a Golden 1 Home Loan Center or branch.

All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness, qualifications, and property conditions. Golden 1 Credit Union is not part of any government agency, nor do we represent or have the endorsement of HUD, FHA, the U.S. Government, or any federal, state, or local government agency.

*The Golden 1 Home Loan Buyer Advantage program (the “Program”) is made available to our members through relationships with third party real estate agents. Golden 1 does not endorse or guarantee the products, information, or recommendations provided by third-party vendors or third-party linked sites. Program Rewards are awarded to buyers and sellers who select and use a real estate agent in the Program network. Home buyers or sellers are not eligible for Rewards if they use an agent outside this network. Using Golden 1 Credit Union for a mortgage is not a requirement to earn Rewards. Reward amounts are dependent on the commissions paid to the agent. Certain property and product limitations may apply, and your mortgage lender may have specific rules or restrictions on how your Rewards will be paid. Rewards incentives are void where prohibited by law. The Program is subject to change. Please contact Golden 1 Credit Union for more information.