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No need to wait for paper — get statements delivered online.

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Simple, quick, secure, and environmentally friendly.

Still filing, storing, and shredding old account statements? No need! Now you can receive statements more securely — online.

Statements arrive as soon as they’re ready, not days later by mail. And for any specific notices, such as declined transactions or bounced checks, you’ll get an immediate electronic notification so you can take action right away.

Best of all, Online Statements reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft and help protect the environment, thanks to using less paper and resources.

Discover how easy it is to manage your finances, balance your accounts, and more with Online Statements. Just sign up for Golden 1 Online Banking and get started.

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About Online Statements

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Want to save more time and paper? Sign up for automated payments.

Pay a one-time bill or set up automated payments for regular expenses.

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